become the earth and sky

picsart_12-19-03.12.38.jpgDaily affirmations are necessary.
We must confess our short comings and speak our truths.
We should always seek to rebuild ourselves, patch up our wounds, and look to be restored through prayer or meditation.
We are surrounded by nature and elements we are made out of, that heal. That birthe.
Our bodies are made to restore itself when given nourishment and balance.
When our mind is clear and peaceful.
Why do we not seek to get in touch with these things more often?
Why do we ignore the beauty of the Earth and all if offers our senses and our spirit?
Freedom, health, spirituality, and love are from the Earth, the sky, the waters, and the winds, Breathed by the Creator.
Make no mistakes.
We are all connected.
Let’s live in love, light, and appreciation of earth and sky.
Let’s be free.


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