black muse (an ode to mo better blues)

PicsArt_11-19-07.57.27It’s dripping in jazz
And Mo Better Blues
It’s a stallion in my doorway
His love made of soft black rain

It’s the scent of paint thrown onto a quiet blank canvas
It’s the notion of you breathing into me
I’ve got to have it

When the gloomy crescent moon laughs through window blinds
I ramble about on about you on empty lines and Merlot wines

It’s your fingers smudging me
and smearing me
I’m glaze between your fingers
Your muses of summer and muses of cold white winters

It’s your fingers searching my skin-
like saxophone keys
My love a ripened mango sweet
to buckle your knees

It’s dripping jazz and sometimes blues
It’s tropical nectar love
fused into black muse


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