daily affirmations

Daily Positive Affirmations are things that we speak into existence. Once we speak it, our mind, heart, spirit, and universe are now in tune with our intentions for our lives and daily living. It is important that we remind ourselves to be our best possible self, in addition to, living the best way that we can. It is important to put in the work to accomplish our goals for personal growth. Personal growth includes things such as self-love, assertiveness, humbleness,wisdom, inner peace, spiritual growth, and the list goes on.

Try to speak at least two of the following positive affirmations on a daily basis and see how they may change your outlook on life and the way you navigate through life:

“I will conquer the day and shine my light on others.”

“My mind is clear. My heart is content. I am striving for a life of peace and inner calm. I am full of positive energy.”

“I will not allow negative energy into my life. I will only accept positive energy from others.”

“I accept life challenges. It will provide wisdom and emotional strength.”


“I will accept myself as I am. My imperfections make me unique and wonderfully made.”

“I will seek spiritual growth and find inner calm and purpose.”

“My dreams and goals are meant for me to fulfill. I accept success and good fortune.”

“My voice is meant to be heard. I will allow myself to be heard in a positive way.”

“I am strong. I can and will accomplish great things.”

See how creative you can be by creating a few daily positive affirmations of your own.



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