drink me


I am riding a euphoric wave that shines brilliantly blue

Like a kiss from a God

And I am dying for you to drink me, my love

so forever can begin.

I am out of ink

My mind is out of prose

Because the world is yours

when you smile

And it is so unfair

Because it is only in those quiet moments with you

that my life feels loud

And color has splattered on a blank canvas

And I am drowning in the moment

Of you and soft lines around your eyes when you glance

And my heart flies free

Are you like the stones in the sea?

Are like a red robin in the mist of dark trees?

Take me on long winding roads

I want to drown in you

I want to lose myself in you and your hands that shield me from the outside

again and again

Your mystery never ends

And I need you here



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