life is art


Watching strangers kiss in the shade of a brisk November.
Watching children play in flower fields underneath a soothing Sun, praying for rain.
Watching the sunset dip lower until it fades to black.
Watching a waitress finish up with the last customer while her ride awaits.
Watching the hipsters in the coffee shop feeling forever young.
Watching an old man smoke a cigar on his porch in the countryside.
Watching newly weds slow dance in a hole in the wall juke joint in the middle of uptown.
Watching the world as it moves.
Watching as time passes so quickly.
Watching as friendships come and go but the memories remain.
Watching as various milestones get celebrated and laughter fills the air.
Watching while things about things around you blossom or wither away in silent gratitude.
Watching while time heals all wounds.
Watching life.
Watching art.


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