manifesting in the new year + all year (2018)


i woke up this morning feeling curious. for me, i look forward to continuing my journey to inner peace, higher consciousness, spiritual growth, and empowering my art which is therapeutic for me. i also look forward to continuing to understand the power of my feminine energy and fine tuning my masculine energy, as the two flourish when they understand each other.
this is an ongoing thing. not something new or overnight. but i feel a great push to thrust myself into it now more than ever.
because i have experienced so many painful things that may have shifted how i am and how i think. deep down i am still that naive girl. someone full of love and innocence.
im thankful for life. the lessons it brings. the way it adds pain to our nativity. it is like oil and water. and we fold. we bend. we choke. we pray. (sometimes) we wish to die because our hearts feel cracked. or we become ill. (mind + body). and we learn the eb and flow of it (lifes happiness and turmoil) will be consistent. we consider it bad luck (it isn’t).
i want to be prepared. i want to find a way to communicate with my spirit. the universe. the creator. we all should. i believe spirituality is the way to love. to peace. to healing. to growth. to gratitude. to wisdom that doesn’t leave its thorns in our sides.
i believe being curious and seeking this type of enlightenment in a humble state of mind is the true key to finding meaning. to building our emotional strength to get by. to live without any fear.


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