get free

taken in asheville, nc

taken in asheville, nc

i want to drive cross country. i want to drive through deserts and mountains. sleep there and wake up to a peaceful silence and a soft rising sun. i want to ride through strange cities.cities that haunt. cool cities too. maybe crash a festival and dance in the street.
i want to walk barefoot along a lake. meditate. watch birds call out to each other. find zen.
one i can taste. then wander to a different town. have coffee. gas up. make sure my phone is still turned off. i want to just go and maybe write a few poems about it. maybe find a way i could do it forever. leave the soul sucking routines behind me.

what about you? do you ever just want to…go?


One thought on “get free

  1. I do. Usually I just go. Sometimes I have to find the time to overwork the obligations, but usually I give myself the time and place to dream. As Virginia Woolf once said, we women have to have our own room. I have it, after a long time. And I am so grateful.

    I wish you a lot of festivals and dreaming under the fresh night sky…

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