to the trauma that stayed throughout the night


stretch my skin from my body
because there is sorrow in my bones
that came from abuse that sang songs and disguised itself as misunderstood.
stretch my skin from my body.
put comfort there.
put musical notes of om in the roots of my heart strings that cry out in blood.
i will become powerful then.
i will break apart the ways of the day
with my bare hands.
i will put it in between my bold brave teeth.
and watch grief fall from my body.

grieving sunset

My older sister died in the spring right before I was just becoming a senior in high school. Over the summer I didn’t really go out a lot and my friends didn’t know what to say when they were around me. Of course, I only actually had about two really close friends but when they came around they gave each other nervous glances as if in silence trying to tell the other to try to keep the conversation going. Continue Reading →