Shatara Liora


I am a hybrid creative; a writer, poet, photographer, art curator, and psychotherapist (not currently practicing), living in North Carolina.  I am the author of “East Of A Cold Red Sun” and “Love’s Third Eye”. These free verse poetry and prose collections are my first attempts at putting out a collection of my creative work and before my studies in fine art poetry and fiction. They debut in several number one categories on Amazon upon their release, which was a blessing as an indie project.

Occasionally they are not available for purchase, other than through third party sellers.

I continue to evolve as a writer, creative, and storyteller.   Therefore, with each new work that shows growth, I prefer to let old works quietly age gracefully in the hands of those who believed in them from an earlier time at grass root art shows in the city and in the art districts.

More : I am a world traveler and have lived in various countries such as Greece, Iceland, and Spain.  I am the Founder and Curator of Poetic Magazine, a digital art gallery where culture, fine art, and poetic themes come together as one.

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