Shatara Liora


I am the author of “East Of A Cold Red Sun” and “Love’s Third Eye” available on Amazon. I am a creative writer, poet, author, artist and therapist. My first two poetry collections debut at number 1 in multiple categories on Amazon. I am currently writing my first novel and I can’t wait to share it with you . I have been published on Thought Catalog.  You can read my article there here. And my poetry piece published by Rigorous Magazine here .

When I first started sharing my poetic excerpts online, I was in a dark place so I decided to add “Liora” to my name which means “My Light”. I was determined to find the light again through my first love, writing; and I did just that.  I left pain behind, traumas behind, mistakes and regrets behind.  I left them all behind after it revealed its purpose in my spiritual journey in this life.  I am a traveler. I have lived in several countries which include Greece, Iceland, and Spain.  I eat, pray, love, travel, have tea, dance around, spread love and positivity.  I advocate for organic herbal teas and other ways to optimize our health and well being. I love photography, music, art, and other forms of creative self expression. I write for the love of literature and art.  I write because God gives us that thing we must do.   I just truly believe self awareness and spirituality are the keys to joy and peace.

For business inquiries: my only email address is: