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Themes present in these poetic prose, free verse, and short story books include: spirituality, love, grief, trauma, abuse, culture, oppression, gender, self care, awareness, mental health, healing, empowerment and more.  Look below for each book description.


My debut poetry collection that topped Amazon’s hot new release chart at #1 in poetry upon its release. This collection of poetry and prose touches on the rawest emotions of love, loss, trauma, heartache, culture, spirituality, and life’s ability to break us open and mold us into who we are. This collection gives us the solace we ache for after life has had its way with us. It gives us the solace we ache for after life patches us back up and sends us out into the world again with new wisdom.


This 2nd book release prose poetry, free verse, short story compilation is therapeutic in nature; touching on themes of spiritual growth after difficult life experiences, euphoric love in relationships, failed love and its traumatic aftermaths, abuse, mental health, oppression in race and gender, womanhood, colorism, sexuality, and empowerment through self reflection, meditation, storytelling, and homage. This book pays homage in small undertones to some fierce women in art history in addition to heroine women of color and other black literature and writers.